Buying My Prints

Buying My Prints

This webpage provides information concerning purchasing my prints for display in your home of office. If you are an Interior Designer, please refer to For Interior Designers at this website.

Benefits of My Prints I work hard to make sure that all of my prints are of the highest possible product quality. From photographic capture or image creation to the print itself, I don't relax on any detail. For my photography, I use high-end cameras and prepare the photos with great care using professional software. For my digital images, I have invested in sophisticated software to create stunning images of very high detail. For printing I use a professional print lab that consistently delivers high quality and fully guarantees their work.

Print Prices If you would like a print of my art for display in your home or office, they can be purchased at my Etsy shop here. For most of my prints at my Etsy shop I offer a variety of print sizes with a price that corresponds to print size. If you would like to acquire prints from me to fulfill a design project, please contact me about pricing.

What I Print Of the hundreds of my photos and digital images that I could prepare for print, I only select a very few. When I commit to a particular print project I do so knowing that the preparation work involved will be extensive. Each print project entails focus on that work, lots of technical detail and a number of logistics before the final image is ready for printing. I know my prints will be displayed for many years and want each print to be the best it can be.

Why I Print Big For photography, I love the look of nature and how light interacts with trees, plants, water and land. I love the contrast between soft plants, flowing water and hard rock. At the scene I see a full vista that I want to share, so I make every effort to retain the power of the vista in my prints. Printing technology has advanced so much in recent years that we can now have prints that are several feet wide without loss of quality and at reasonable cost. This, of course, assumes that the artist is able to prepare an image to print large, which I am able. This permits me to use large-format to optimize the visual experience when viewing my prints. But an important factor in being able to print large is that I have the knowledge and tools to prepare an image to print large, never trusting anyone to do that critical work for me.

Where to Buy My Prints This website is dedicated to getting to know me and an opportunity to view some of my work. I present some of my work at this website as a way for you to see my creative style. If you would like to purchase one of my prints for display in your home or office, please visit my Etsy shop here. Etsy provides a safe and convenient way to order prints using a major credit card or PayPal. My store policies are provided when you browse my Etsy shop. Ordering a print via my Etsy store provides you with a receipt and shipping notification. You can also communicate with me via Etsy if you prefer. If you are an Interior Designer, please see For Interior Designers at this website.

Shipping Policy I ship with UPS or FedEx as the need dictates. I ship only within the U.S. My print shipping policies are explained further at my Etsy shop here.

Refund Policy When purchasing my prints from my Etsy shop that are used for display in your home or office, my return/refund policy is 30 calendar days. Additional detail is provided at my Etsy shop here.