The Ruins of Epsilon

This project, named The Ruins of Epsilon, began when I realized the unique beauty of 3D fractals while experimenting with Mandlebulber, a free 3D fractal generator software application. After creating a 3D fractal, I placed the application's virtual camera on the "surface" of the fractal and was amazed at the stunning features that came into view. As I maneuvered the virtual camera to various positions throughout the fractal scene, I found that I had nearly endless visual opportunities.

But it wasn't all that simple; I put a high-end personal computer to hard work for many hours rendering the images, and then called upon my digital image skills as a photographer to bring the final images to a state of high quality. Eventually I had prepared 42 images, 19 of which were compiled into a printed book for sale on Amazon.com and a video, both of which are described below.

In reality The Ruins of Epsilon is an up-close pictorial essay of a 3D fractal. However, I want it to also be a reminder of how our home world can be appreciated more. The Ruins of Epsilon is not a call to save the Earth. Rather, it's a call to appreciate what we have now using the contrast of a fictitious world that lay in ruin as a reminder that time decays and nothing is forever. It is also a warning against unbridled consumption of natural resources, as the ruins of Epsilon (and imagination) suggests. Regardless of which Epsilon compilation you acquire, it is my sincerest wish that this project benefits you in a meaningful way, as it has for me.

The Ruins of Epsilon

The Ruins of Epsilon is a pictorial journey to Epsilon, an alien world that came to ruin by the exploitation of its long-departed inhabitants and the ravages of time. The journey to Epsilon helps us visualize the result of a close-minded attitude toward the world in which we live. The journey to Epsilon is an unforgettable excursion to the unfamiliar to help us better appreciate the familiar.

This themed compilation of 3D fractal images is sure to entertain and perhaps even enlighten. This visual tour of the Ruins of Epsilon is interesting, but is also a reminder that nothing lasts forever, as Epsilon suggests. The Ruins of Epsilon is available for purchase as a printed book (below left) or as a streamed (and downloadable) high-definition video (below right).

A Visual Tour of the Ruins of Epsilon

This 10 minute video tour of The Ruins of Epsilon is a compilation of the 19 viewpoints of Epsilon with a unique soundtrack created using the Waldorf Nave synthesizer. The smooth panning of the Epsilon views, accompanied by an alien-like soundtrack, is a memorable visual treat. The creative-commons licensed high-definition video is available to view and download on Vimeo.com. The video is also available to view on YouTube.com (be sure to set the YouTube video viewer to 720pHD). Please enjoy!

The Ruins of Epsilon Printed Book

This 24 page book is a themed compilation of 19 3D fractal images depicting various viewpoints of Epsilon. The high-resolution images are presented in this 7 by 7 inch softcover book using high-quality glossy paper stock, ready for years of enjoyment. The book includes a prologue and an epilogue that describe the backstory to the pictorial tour, as well as a table of contents. You can preview the entire book at Blurb.com and purchase it at Amazon.com for $29.95.

The Ruins of Epsilon  Printed Book

The Ruins of Epsilon Printed Book

Downloadable Epsilon Image

Below is an non-watermarked Epsilon image that didn't make it into the printed book or the video. You may download this image for your own personal use. Use it as a screensaver or even print it, as long as it is for your own personal use and enjoyment. You may not re-distribute the image in any form or use it in a commercial application without my permission.

To download the image, click once on the image below to expand its viewing size. Then right click your mouse and click "Save Image As". Then close the large screen view by clicking the upper-right corner "X". You may modify the downloaded image as you see fit to resize it as your screensaver or for printing. Just remember that the image is only for your personal use. Enjoy!

Downloadable Epsilon Image for Personal Use