A 30x20 inch print on aluminum of a beautiful photo of a distant storm over a lone mesa as seen from Desert View Overlook at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. By Patrick C. Cook.

Carnival by Patrick C. Cook

This is a 20 by 30 inch glossy print on aluminum of one of my most successful fractal art images. I've named the print "Carnival" because it suggests an aerial view of a carnival with it's various colorful attractions.

This image is printed on aluminum to accentuate the detail and variety of vibrant colors of this image. The image has been prepared by me to obtain the highest possible quality of a large-format print. Because the dye is infused into the aluminum using a heat and high pressure process, the print will retain its color vibrancy for at least 25 years due to its resistance to fading by ultra-violent radiation, a common problem with paper-based prints. The high UV and moisture resistance of this metal print, as well as its scratch resistance, are great benefits in addition to the beauty of the scene.

If you are interested in purchasing a print of "Carnival", please contact me via email.

Carnival by Patrick C. Cook