For Interior Designers

Information for Interior Designers for the visual art of Patrick C. Cook

For Interior Designers

This webpage is specifically intended for Interior Designers who are interested in my work for design projects such as residential, commercial or hospitality interior designs. If you are interested in my work for your personal home or office use, please see Buying My Prints.

Quick Points

  • I can assist Interior Designers well beyond being a silent source of visual art prints.
  • My images are created by me personally, at my own will, and are legally unencumbered.
  • When working with Interior Designers, I can customize my images for color, print size and aspect ratio, print medium and presentation.
  • Prices are personally negotiated based on the final image needs and print attributes. No agents or third-party services are involved.

My Unique Qualifications
I am uniquely qualified to collaborate with Interior Designers who require wall art prints for their design projects. Not only do I strive to create meaningful visual art, I am proficient with software tools to prepare the final print for color, print size and aspect ratio, print medium and presentation. I can prepare an image for print in a wide variety of sizes, including large-format prints, while retaining quality. Print mediums such as paper, canvas and metal can be used depending on need. As the sole creator of my images, I maintain full access to the original digital files, allowing me to modify an image with the objective of meeting a Designer's project image needs in terms of attributes such as color and size while preserving quality. In short, I am uniquely positioned to work in collaboration with Interior Designers to help meet their project image needs from my body of image work.

Below is a point-list of my strengths for assisting Interior Designers with their visual art print needs:

  • I have the tools and technical skill to perform image customization for color, size, aspect ratio, print medium and presentation. This is the result of years of researching and acquiring the best software for image work and high-powered personal computers, all backed by a long professional career in software design.
  • I strive to create visual art that is different, yet familiar. For example, I often make a landscape photograph using an infrared camera and then color-modify the image to elicit a unique and creative look. Because the features of the landscape are recognizable by most, the image is understood by the viewer, yet is given a different perspective with the use of color. I also enjoy digital art because it allows me to exploit the beauty of symmetrical patterns. Patterns elicit a sense of stability and energy that viewers recognize. Yet, as with my infrared work, I am in control of the color.
  • All of the images that I make available for prints are of my own work and are created at my own will. Any images made available at this website is not encumbered with legal restrictions, such as sub-licenses, exclusive rights, model releases and so forth.
  • I understand that wall art is a detail in an interior design project and that such must comply with the project theme. I also recognize that wall art may be addressed late in a design project and therefore may need to be modified to the theme of the design project. I never expect a design project to be altered to suit an image.
  • I am a 30+ year resident of Litchfield County and have, by association, come to appreciate the style of the area. However, I am not a trained interior designer, so you won't catch me taking over a design project. I have been a Connecticut resident for 50 years.
  • I am continually adding new images to my portfolio. I am drawn to image creation because I like to invent new ways of viewing the familiar. Creating images, for me, is like discovering gold, the thrill of the discovery made all the sweeter by the intermediate image creation stages that only I will see. A print, for me, is the fulfillment of the image creation because a print allows others to enjoy my work.

I enjoy working with Interior Designers who are clear about what prints they need and how such prints should be presented. If any of my images are of interest for a design project, I'll remain flexible in the customization of the images to fine tune them for the design project.

Further Discussion
I am open to personally meeting with a Connecticut-based Interior Designer to explore images of interest, at which time we'll discuss candidates for the design project. Prices will be negotiated based on the image candidates selected, desired customization and final print and presentation requirements. No agents are involved and I do not use third-party services to represent my work - I work directly and personally with Interior Designers and represent my own images. To arrange a meeting or discuss your project needs, please e-mail me or call 203-805-1862.

Interior Design Print Candidates Gallery Access
This website hosts a carefully managed selection of my prints that are available for interior design projects (see Example Print Candidates below). With the correct password, the print candidate images can be viewed at the Interior Design Print Candidates gallery of this website. I am happy to provide the password to qualified Interior Designers. To request access to the Interior Design Print Candidates gallery, please complete and submit the Request Client Area Access form.

Example Print Candidates
Below is a small selection of my images that are available in print for interior design projects. If you would like to view the full print candidate selection, please complete the Request Client Area Access form.