Welcome to the website of Patrick C. Cook, Photographer.


Thanks for stopping in! I am a photographer specializing in landscape and digital infrared photography. I also create interesting fractal images. Some of my work is available for viewing at this website where you'll also find information about me. Below are some suggestions for your visit.

Suggestions for Your Visit
You might like to start by reading About Me and my Artist Statement. My Infrared Photography Gallery contains a selection of my photos produced with a digital camera specially converted for infrared radiation. My Fractal Art Gallery contains a number of very unique images created with software that maps pixels using mathematical algorithms. Review some of my favorite color photographs in my Color Photography Gallery, or take a brief tour of my Grand Canyon Gallery of photos I brought back from my memorable trip to the Canyon in 2011. You may also be interested in my photography-related training courses.

My HDR Training Course Just Released
I just released a 6+ hour video training course that delves deeply into HDR photography. The topics of this training course include HDR image examples, HDR defined, fundamentals of HDR, capturing for HDR and tone mapping. The HDR Masterclass is a start-to-finish video course to help develop HDR capture and processing skills by which to make remarkable and memorable images. Please visit this page at this website to learn more about the HDR Masterclass.

My Blog
My Blog has a collection of photography stories and some helpful advice that you may be interested in. Stop over when you have a few minutes.

Other Web Locations to View My Work
While this website showcases much of my work, feel free to visit the following Web locations: