Infinity Images

Infinity Images is my latest creative project. Infinity Images are a set of printed cards of my best art that are intended for daily inspiration and as an aid for creative activities. Each 3 1/2" by 5 3/4" card contains one of my images with no text overlay and printed to my demanding quality standards. Packs of Infinity Images are portable, require no electronic devices to view and are always ready for inspiration or as a source of creative ideas. For the full story please visit

The motivation for the Infinity Images project came from friends and family requesting some of my image art to assist them with their own creative activities, personal motivation and inspiration. Eventually I came to fully appreciate the value of my work for personal and creative inspiration. My goal was to provide everyone interested with a portable collection of my best images that do not require an electronic device to view. After a lot of research, seemingly endless technical detail and prototypes, a selection of my artwork is ready for the upcoming product called "Infinity Images". Several people have enthusiastically joined the project and formed the "Infinity Images Studio Team". The Team has authored a website just for Infinity Images at which you are invited to visit.

Many challenges of the Infinity Images project are now behind us. The challenge ahead is to get the printing costs down so that a pack of Infinity Images is attractively priced. When printing is involved, costs mount very quickly due to the physical nature of printed materials, not to mention packaging, shipping and labor costs at virtually every stage. We are currently finalizing discussions with three printers we've narrowed it down to (we not only want good costs from a printer, but attention to detail, knowledgeable staff and strong communication). We are planning a KickStarter campaign to not only raise the printing funds, but also to get Infinity Images into the market as a great start for this wonderful product. The Infinity Image Studio Team invites anyone interested to monitor this project at as it unfolds.