Infinity Images

Infinity Images is a set of printed cards of fractal art that is intended for daily inspiration and as an aid for creative activities. Each 3 1/2" by 5 3/4" card contains one image with no text overlay and printed to demanding quality standards. A pack of Infinity Images is portable, requires no electronic devices to view and always ready for inspiration or as a source of creative ideas.

The motivation for the Infinity Images project came from friends and family requesting some of my fractal art to assist them with their own creative activities, personal motivation and inspiration. After a lot of research, seemingly endless technical detail and prototypes, a selection of my fractal art is ready in a portable set.

Inspirational Art in a Pack

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Infinity Images is a printed set of my fractal art that is intended for daily inspiration and as an aid for creative activities. Infinity Images is a pack of cards with each card containing a single printed image that achieves the highest possible quality. Infinity Images are portable, require no electronic devices and are ready for use when you need inspiration or a source of creative ideas.



For Teachers and Facilitators

Teachers find that when students are engaged with images and games, their imaginations can open up to create original music, stories, movement and artwork. Endless individual and group games can be developed using Infinity Images. Here are a few to get you started:

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  • Choose an Infinity card and improvise music solo using your voice or an instrument; this can also be done with small ensembles.
  • Jot down a list of words inspired by an Infinity image, then write a story, or lyrics using the words.
  • For creative movement: one-by-one, movers interpret an image, then come together to create an ensemble piece -- on-the-spot.
  • To help students attain a calm and focused state in the classroom, looking at Infinity Images may be exactly what's needed.

For Relaxation and Stress Relief

Once you've found your "calm" images in the Infinity Images pack you're ready for quiet gazing or meditation. Carry your favorites with you and get lost in the patterns and colors - your personal "mental break" whenever you need it. Let your "power" images imbue a sense of energy, new ideas or play. Here are a few ideas to try:

Pack 3 Image 142.png
  • Daily Card - set your "calm" or "power" card on the provided easel and spend a few moments in quiet for inspiration, perhaps with your morning cup or coffee.
  • Journal Writing - Free-write any insights that come to you after viewing your daily Infinity image.

You'll come up with more ideas as you use Infinity Images.


Access Your Inner Wisdom

When you use Infinity Images with the intention to access your inner wisdom, the patterns and colors act as a mirror, directing you to clarity and insight that have meaning to you. The same card can "deliver" a different message to you at different times; the card images don't change -- but our life situations and depth or understanding do. Their meaning is a reflection of the viewers' current state of being. Here are a few ways to use Infinity Images for inner wisdom:

Pack 3 Image 107.png
  • Fan the cards out face down and choose one. Tune into yourself to receive any message or meaning that is apparent to you.
  • Fan the cards out face up, choose the one you are drawn to and receive the message.
  • Think of a question or concern; choose a card and contemplate the image for clarity or insight.
  • Choose two cards, placing them face down, the second card above the first. Have a situation or relationship in mind that requires looking at two points of view. The first card represents the situation; the second card represents the contrasting point of view.
  • Keep a journal of your inner wisdom insights using Infinity Images.

Stunning Visuals

A pack of Infinity Images includes a variety of interesting images that are specifically designed for creative inspiration, positive motivation and as visual aids for a variety of creative activities. The images of Infinity Images utilize interesting patterns that include spirals, circles, ovals, rectangles and other patterns that encourage imagination. The colors of Infinity Images range from subtle to vibrant as they flow and transition through the images. Please enjoy a tour of the images of an Infinity images pack with the slideshow below.


Fractal Art
Fractal images are made using specialized software that creates patterns from mathematical equations. Modern computers have the power to draw complex images as well as color those images. The result are wonderful images that trigger thoughts and feelings.

Always Unique
Infinity Images are intentionally unique so that they are as visually interesting as possible. An important design policy of Infinity Images is that the images encourage free-thinking by not being immediately recognizable, but also not being so abstract that they confuse the viewer.

Color Integrity
Steps are taken to be sure that the colors of each of the images in every Infinity Images pack precisely match the colors the artist intended. This is an extremely important product quality control point because the software of printing machines try to match colors it doesn't understand, and often gets it wrong. The result are colors that don't blend as the artist intended which damages the value of the images.

Pack 3 Image 104.png

Image Variety
Variety is important, but must limited so as to maintain the overall value of the Infinity Image set. This is why each image in a pack is carefully chosen to contribute to the theme of the pack, yet be varied enough to be interesting.

High Detail
The fine details of Infinity Images are an important element of their value and usefulness. Detail adds dimension that allows you to look deeper into the image, discovering interesting elements. Detail adds depth-of-meaning to each image. Infinity Images are unique because they contain detail that is seen best when the images are studied. This gives the images the advantage of revealing more the closer they are inspected.

Open for Interpretation
No text is imprinted on the images, nor are statements and quotes given. Every image is unencumbered by what the artist may feel about the images so that you are free to experience what you feel.

Safe to View
The images of Infinity Images do not attempt to imply a religious, political, racial or world-event position. Infinity images are specifically designed and intended to be open to viewer interpretation and do not themselves attempt to make a statement.

A Great Gift
Not all of the images of an Infinity Images set will be liked by all persons. However, because an Infinity Image pack contains a variety of images, it's a very good chance that almost everyone will like some of the images. Packs of Infinity Images make good gifts because there is a good chance the receiver will like some of the images at least.

Retail Sellers Welcome
If you would like to sell packs of Infinity Images at your retail store, or at fairs, you are invited to do. There is no price imprinted on the packs, so you are free to set any price you prefer. Your profit margin will be better when you order a higher volume of packs. You do not need any additional permission from me to re-sell packs of Infinity Images. However, you must only sell unopened shrink-wrapped packs and may not sell the individual cards. You should, however, have an opened pack on display for your customers to examine. Please consider purchasing a pack from my printer to examine if Infinity Images would be a good product for your store or fair table.

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About the Author

Infinity Images is the creative work of Patrick C. Cook. As a life-long photographer, Patrick embraced digital photography in the early 2000's. In 2013 he began working with digital image creation (images made entirely with software) and found that he could greatly extend his creative opportunities. His exploration of digital imagery eventually led to fractal art, and he was hooked by the interesting and often spectacular patterns and color combinations that could be obtained. He discovered that not only was he inspired by the resulting images, but others requested his images for use as personal inspiration and as a creative aid, which led to the Infinity Images project.

The challenges Patrick faced with the Infinity Images project were considerable. Not only did he insist on maintaining the image quality he is known for, but he needed to find the perfect balance between portability, usefulness and price. Eventually, Patrick turned to the playing card industry because it has perfected the playing card product over a great many years and that now provides product material that not only prints at high quality, but stands up to repeated handling. He was delighted when he finally found a specialized playing card printer that could print artwork at his quality requirements while delivering excellent playing card material quality.

After much effort to design and prototype Infinity Images, not to mention preparing his artwork for the project, Infinity Images are now available for purchase to help inspire, motivate and aid creative pursuits with stunning images.

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