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3rd Leg

The next time you are getting ready for a photo outing and feel that dreaded twinge of guilt for (again) contemplating leaving your tripod home, consider it's uses beyond just being a stable platform for your camera:

  • It's a walking stick ready and willing to be your third leg. In fact, the tightly grouped impressions from the three tripod legs next to your footprints makes anyone tracking you think an extraterrestrial alien had passed that way.
  • It's a balancing pole to help you over those slippery rocks that must be navigated to reach the only photo opportunity that looks interesting.
  • It's a resting post that is happy to give your tired hiking muscles some much needed support.
  • It's a soft-ground probe that is happy to be used to probe the very ground you are about to walk on.
  • It's a portable weight that helps build your body 12 ways.
  • It's a sign of authority just in case anyone should doubt that you know photography.
  • It's great for warding off dogs - they can't figure out what that thing will do to them. 
  • It's a way of differentiating yourself at tourist attractions where you are likely to be a "lone carrier" amongst the other camera-toting tourists.
  • It demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that you are not afraid to spend money on photography accessories.
  • If your photowalk brings you near a spring factory, you can have it converted into a Pogo Stick.
  • It's a great way to contribute to the profits of tripod manufactures who long ago figured out that a tripod is actually part of the camera body they forget to attach at the factory. 
  • It needs more wear-and-tear anyway to prove that you actually do go out on photoshoots.

So, the next time you go out on a photoshoot be sure to bring that tripod and maybe, just maybe, it will also come in handy as a stable platform for your camera.